Foooorrre! Hotham Park’s newest adventure golf course Wildforest Falls is now open for business

Wildforest Falls

Jacky Pendleton and Phil Jones have officially opened Hotham Park’s new 18-hole adventure golf course Wildforest Falls.

The official ribbon cutting ceremony took place yesterday and despite the hideous weather, was attended by a large number of people who were all eager to have the first round.

The golf course is a great attraction for Bognor and will bring with it lots of benefits, says Mr Jones, managing director of ISS Lifestyle.

He explained: “It remains a facility for the future, this will be a destination facility there is no doubt about it, it will bring not just prosperity to the local area, but it will also enhance the community.

“It’ll drive tourism I believe, and tourism brings enhanced economy to the area and it will actually deliver far more customers to the award-winning café than they’ve had before which is also brilliant.

“Well done to everyone involved and my thanks for that and I look forward to playing the first round if no one beats me to it.”

There were countless people involved with the project and they all deserve praise for their hard work, says Mrs Pendleton, chairman of Arun District Council.

She said: “I would also like to thank all the staff of HM adventure golf who have delivered this project as part of their specialist services, an excellent job thank you very much.

“Finally, the staff of Arun District Council who have been involved in the project, well done to you all for working together to deliver this exceptional facility.”

The layout and design of the course is inspired by Hotham Park, so players will be able to enjoy a fun and educational round of golf equipped with life-size animal props including; bears, foxes, beavers and stags complete with interesting facts about each species.

As players traverse the course they will be able to putt through a fallen log adjacent to a beaver dam, a Hotham park clock tower and a tree stump vortex all while being surrounded by badgers, wolves and one not-quite-life-size squirrel.

ISS have been working in partnership with the council for over 20 years and they’re eager to invest in key Arun parks and outdoor recreation facilities.

And Mr Jones said: “Wildforest Falls is something new and exciting which the whole family can get involved in, it is a great development for the local community and visitors to the town and a real asset to Hotham Park.”

The course is a great addition to the park and will be exciting and educational for the whole family, says Mrs Pendleton.

She added: “Hopefully it will give youngsters more opportunities to get enjoyment out of the park, and possibly improve their golfing skills.”