We Luv Joe! Businessman Jack floored by endeavour of young carpet fitter

Winner Joe

A Bognor businessman has delivered a glowing review of a young employee who he says has gone above and beyond in his quest to succeed on behalf of the company.

Jack Keywood, who owns popular carpet and flooring business Luv Carpets, says Joe Harriss deserve special mention and no shortage of plaudits for his exceptional work and hunger to advance with the firm.

Jack, who is set to open a new Luv Carpets showroom in London Road, took time to congratulate Joe following on from his triumph in winning the won the 2016 Arun business employee of the year.

He said: “Joe started working for us about two years ago as a apprentice and now fits rooms and flat lay to perfection.

“I’d like to take this moment to say a huge well done and thanks for everything he has done for the company and us personally. Last year he won the 2016 Arun business employee of the year, which was a amazing achievement and in the last two years he has not had one sick day off!

“Overall he is a credit to the youth of today and if more was like him the world would be in a great place. He deserves the recognition. He actually started working for me in Jack’s pub when he was 17 as a pot wash.


New Luv Carpets showroom

“Then when I moved on from there I took him with me because I knew he wanted to learn and do well. We took him under our wings and I don’t think any of us have looked back.”

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