Hailed a success! Black cab drivers Del and Tom show plenty of drive with Bognor to London taxi tours

del and tom

Black taxi drivers Del Keywood and Tom English are being hailed a success after putting their encyclopaedic knowledge of London to good use to help day-trippers to the capital.

The cabbies, both from Bognor Regis, are expertly versed in the history and quirky facts of London as well as being able to navigate through the bustling city thanks to years of experience.

And they haven’t looked back since setting up the blossoming new business after spotting a gap in the market to ferry passengers to London from Bognor offering tailor-made trips for customers.

Brothers-in-law Del, 52, and Tom, 38, say they have been overwhelmed by the response to London Taxi Tourist and are already plotting out extra tours ahead of the new year.

Elmer-based Del, who completed the notoriously difficult “Knowledge” in 1992, explains: “We are licensed London Taxi Drivers with more 35 years of experience between us, that are lucky enough to have the best of both worlds, we live by the sea and work in the best city in the world!

cab del

“We have an unrivalled understanding of the streets, places of interest and history of our great capital. And with us both driving six-seater Mercedes Vitos from the Bognor area and back from London each day we struck on the idea of the business.

“As well as bespoke guided tours of London with our very own commentary as we visit the unique landmarks the city has to offer, we are able to offer various other services at very competitive prices.

“You may fancy taking a favourite aunt to tea at the Ritz or perhaps you and a few pals want to journey in comfort to the rugby or football. Of course, visits to the theatre and West End trips are popular, as are shopping trips to all the big stores, especially with Christmas on the way.”

cab tom

Tom, who lives in Felpham, says his favourite trips include tours embracing a Sherlock Holmes trail, Harry Potter highlights, and a Monopoly tour. He added: “It’s a great way to relax, sit back and enjoy your trip. It’s a door-to-door service that has your very own itinerary and our flexibility means there is no rush, it’s all about maximum enjoyment and comfort.”

One aspect driving business the way of London Taxi Tourist is the uncertainty surrounding the rail service from the south coast to the capital. Del says this a big factor for clients: “There has been a lot made of the rail chaos that is seemingly constant and when people find out that filling a six-seater they’re not paying that much more than a train fair but without the hassle, it’s a no brainer for them.”

*Call Del on 07958 470328, or Tom on 07793 389998 — check out London Taxi Tourist on Facebook or email [email protected]

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