Rose Green butcher: We’re cheaper than supermarket giants

Rose Green Butcher

A BOGNOR Regis butcher reckons thew townsfolk would save money if they shop at small independent stores rather than supermarket giants.

Jordan Butchers at Rose Green say they have discovered they are considerably cheaper than one of the big boys, thought to be Tesco, and are advocating shoppers change their habits and use local butchers.

And it is added that supermarkets are

“killing small businesses”.

A post on the butcher’s Facebook account said:

“Went to the supermarket today to get our delivery van washed and while i was there i thought i’d have a browse around their butchers, I was surprised to find that they were averagely £3 more expensive per KG on all produce in comparison to ours!”

“I’m well aware that this is more convenient for shoppers but please think about taking a little more time to get your meat from your local butcher not only is the price much more competitive but the quality is so much better! if you do not start using your local butcher very very soon im sad to say that the trade will die! These giant supermarkets are killing smaller businesses!! please like and share this post and make people aware of their local butcher.”

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