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Shamans World Fear

As I look at the news and papers this last few days, it is very obvious that we are living in changing times and are in fact stepping into a new era.

Global, international and national politics is leaping and lurching all over the place. It hard to make any sense of it at all. Many people are looking on bewildered by events, many are distancing themselves verbally from what is happening and a considerable number are taking to the streets to protest. In America and in Britain uncertainty is bringing up fear in many people. Fear for securities both financial and societal. Fear of things turning out badly with Messrs Trump and Brexit.

Imagine then, living in Syria or one of the many other countries where things have already gone massively wrong and people’s fears are for their very lives.

We have uncertain times ahead but are incredibly lucky to have a safe place in which to express are feelings about how we would like to see the future turn out. The main fear I hear about, is that we could lose those freedoms. With the Brexit scenario particularly, people on both sides of the argument are fearful of what they may be losing and of course it is hugely important to stand up for what we believe in. Somehow, something still rankles about all this though!

If so much of what we are saying, doing and thinking is lead by fear, then we are in danger of living in a completely fear driven society.

In the Shamanic world we believe that we dream our own world into being. Therefore what we say, do and think, creates the energy that shapes and makes our futures. Better then surely,to think, do and say positive things. To paint a picture of how we would like the world to be.

In my dream, is a world created by love. A love for people, for nature, for the planet, for everything!
If love dominated our thoughts, words and deeds, then surely there would be nothing to fear or fight because we would all be tolerantly pulling together. At the very least!

The words of an idealist hippy, you may think, but no, not entirely. I believe there is a time to stand up and be counted (I am kind of doing it here), to fight for what you believe in even,in fact sometimes it is vital to protect what is sacred to us.

What we must not do is let the fear rule our lives, thoughts and actions. This is a beautiful world, full of beautiful people who will act out of selfless kindness first, far quicker than they would act out of fear and prejudice. We should always remember this wonderful attribute of human nature and celebrate it, for it is this energy that creates happiness and security and this energy feeds our very souls.

Go out, protest, complain, have a seriously good moan too, but don’t forget to feed the positive energies of life too. Sing, dance, laugh, joke, cuddle you’re children and loved ones, look on in wonder at the beauty of nature and smile. Smile a smile of certainty, that life is good, people are good and the more love we put out there, the better life gets.

Spread that love liberally around those closest to you and watch it spread out around the world. This is the way to create our future. A future filled with love!

About the Author

Carl Eldridge
Carl Eldridge is a hugely experienced journalist who has worked on local and national newspapers, magazines and written for websites over the past 30 years. He lives in Bognor Regis with his wife and son.