Heartless thieves steal kind-hearted mum’s cash for kids’ Xmas presents

Samantha Robert Staniforth

A MUM who won praise for opening her home to needy families has had money put aside to buy her children Christmas present stolen by heartless thieves.

Yet despite the theft from her car the forgiving Felpham woman has told the raiders she would have tried to help them had they asked for assistance.

Samantha and Robert Staniforth and their family opened up their house in the summer for anyone who needs it and it was billed a “totally unique sanctuary for children with additional needs, their families and carers”.

They have four children and two of them have a disability. Milo is on the autistic spectrum and Noah has cerebral palsy and often has to use a wheelchair.

Samantha took to Facebook group Bognor Regis Forum to reveal:  “I had my car broken into last night in Felpham. They stole cash, made a mess in my car, and took my disabled sons medicines that we carry on board incase of need when out. I shall no longer keep any of these things in my car.

“They didn’t do too much damage to the car thankfully but just so you are all aware. It was parked outside my house at the time in Links Avenue.

“To the people who broke into my car: We run a community open house from our home. We support and supply necessary help to those in need within our local community. If, you had needed help I would have been happy to do my best to do what I could for you.

“I’d been happy to give you a food parcel, clothing, opportunities, a meal and a hot cup of tea. I hope you desperately needed what you took, that money was made from the sale of some furniture to buy my children’s Christmas presents.

“So if you are still in need of these things please ask – but please don’t break into my car again. There will be nothing now ever left in it again that will be of use to you. But I am happy to help if you need some.”

The account of the theft prompted Lisa Orrey to say: “Oh Samantha. You are one in 20 million. I can’t believe when I saw you today you were so helpful and kind even though this had happened to you. I hope that they feel terrible now. I have never heard of or seen such a wonderful place as your home today. It was warm and friendly and you were the same. You are and have a wonderful home, family and outlook on life. If only there were more of you in the world.”

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