Clown town! Fabulous funsters, jovial jokers and jape-loving jesters at Bognor festival

Clown TownClown Town

Jolly japes in the blistering heat heralded another hugely successful International Clown Festival to Bognor Regis over the weekend.

Colourful clowns, fabulous funsters, jovial jokers and jape-loving jesters filled the town with lots of laughter at the event.

Children and adults enjoyed madcap magical moments over the three days of the jamboree, where around 30 clowns passed on top tips at workshops at the pier and Regis Centre, and put on family clown show and delighted crowds with a gala show at the Jeneses centre in the town’s Linden Road.


Jolly Japes

Then, on Sunday, it was all happening at Hotham Park where the clowns and their fans gathered for a parade and picnic, bathed in glorious sunshine.



Full of fun

Organisers will no doubt be having a day or two off before starting to plan next year’s event;  given the success of this wonderful International Clown Festival it is an event that should be a cracker!

All pictures courtesy of Neil Cooper.

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