Wishlists for movies and tv shows are deleted without prior notice in iOS 17.2 and tvOS 17.2

iOS 17.2 and tvOS 17.2

 iOS 17.2 and tvOS 17.2 Kill TV Show and Movie Wishlists With No Warning: Apple’s Consolidation Raises User Complaints

With the release of iOS 17.2, iPadOS 17.2, and tvOS 17.2, Apple introduced a major change in its iTunes Store app, directing customers to the Apple TV app for purchasing and viewing TV shows and movies. Unfortunately, this move resulted in the removal of wishlists, catching customers off guard. The removal of wishlists has sparked dissatisfaction among users who heavily relied on this feature to save content for later viewing and track sales. In this article, we delve into the repercussions of Apple’s decision and examine user complaints and alternative solutions.

The Elimination of Wishlists

Previously, on the iTunes Store app for iPhone and iPad, as well as the separate iTunes TV Shows and iTunes Movies apps on Apple TV, customers had the option to create dedicated wishlists while browsing. Wishlists allowed users to compile curated lists of TV shows and movies for future reference, enabling them to watch their selected content at their convenience or wait for potential discounts. However, the new updates removed wishlists, without any warning to users, leaving them without access to their carefully curated lists.

User Complaints and Frustrations

The elimination of wishlists has incited negative feedback from Apple’s customer base. Dissatisfied users have taken to various platforms, such as the Apple Support Community, Reddit, and Twitter, to express their frustration and disappointment. For many customers, wishlists were an essential feature, often built over years and comprising hundreds of movies or TV shows. The sudden removal of these lists without proper communication from Apple has left users feeling blindsided and regretful.

Redditors have shared their disappointment, with one lamenting, “I’ve looked on iOS, and my wishlist has completely disappeared. I’ve been building it for about 10 years, and it had a little over 400 movies on it. I wish Apple would’ve thought this through more before just springing such a drastic change on us.”

Alternative Solutions and Compromises

Although Apple’s latest updates did not transfer wishlists to the new Apple TV app, some users have reported a partial workaround. On iOS devices, users can potentially access their wishlists by opening the iTunes Store app and tapping on the hamburger button in the upper right corner. However, this method does not seem to work for everyone, leaving those who relied solely on the ‌Apple TV‌ app with no means to access their curated lists.

In an attempt to fill the void left by wishlists, Apple introduced a “+” button in tvOS 17.2, iOS 17.2, and iPadOS 17.2. This button allows users to save content for future watching, but it adds the selected content to the Up Next feature. While Up Next can serve as a makeshift solution, it lacks the organization and cleanliness provided by a dedicated wishlist.

Apple’s Previous Removal of Features

This is not the first time Apple has faced user complaints regarding the removal of wishlist functionality. Previous frustrations arose when Apple removed App Store wishlists in iOS 11. Despite similar complaints, Apple did not reintroduce wishlists into the App Store, suggesting that user dissatisfaction may not be sufficient to prompt the reinstatement of the removed feature.

The elimination of wishlists in iOS 17.2, iPadOS 17.2, and tvOS 17.2 has triggered considerable disappointment among Apple’s customer base. The sudden removal of this feature, without any prior warning, has left users without access to their carefully curated lists of TV shows and movies. Although some users can access their wishlists using a potential workaround, many are unable to regain access to their accumulated content. As Apple’s decision appears unlikely to be reversed, disgruntled users will need to explore alternative means to track and manage their favorite content.