Top 7 Sensational Sports Sevens Moments: From Katy Perry’s Epic Guest Appearance to GameDay’s Emotional Visit to Virginia Tech

Top 7 Sensational Sports Sevens Moments From Katy Perry's Epic Guest Appearance to GameDay's Emotional Visit to Virginia Tech

As an avid sports enthusiast, I’ve spent the past decade immersing myself in all things sports-related. With ESPN’s College GameDay making its way to Tuscaloosa this Saturday for the highly anticipated Alabama-Tennessee basketball game, it’s the perfect moment to reflect on the show’s illustrious history. Although predominantly known for its presence during football season, College GameDay has provided us with countless unforgettable moments.

With ESPN’s College GameDay coming to Tuscaloosa this Saturday for the highly anticipated Alabama-Tennessee basketball game, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the show’s illustrious history.

Let’s begin with number seven on our list of memorable moments. It’s none other than the sensational Katy Perry, the pop star turned American Idol fixture, who graced us with her presence as the guest picker at Ole Miss for the Rebels’ 2014 game against Alabama. Despite her lack of knowledge about college football, Perry proved to be an extraordinary guest picker. She not only predicted Auburn’s victory over LSU, cleverly referencing the urban legend that LSU fans smell like corndogs but also chose Oklahoma to triumph over TCU while shamelessly flirting with Oklahoma’s quarterback, Trevor Knight. And who could forget the moment she playfully snatched the Big Al head off Lee Corso’s head and playfully tossed it to the ground when he picked Alabama to beat Ole Miss? Katy Perry’s appearance on College GameDay was undoubtedly one for the books.

Moving on to number six, we have the iconic tradition of Corso’s headgear picks. For over two decades, Lee Corso has delighted fans with his predictions by donning various team headgears. Since his first headgear pick in 1996, when he sported Brutus the Buckeye to predict Ohio State’s victory over Penn State, Corso has made more than 400 headgear picks. Remarkably, he has been correct over 67 percent of the time, solidifying his status as a true College GameDay legend. With an impressive collection of 68 unique headgear, it’s no surprise that Ohio State and Alabama top the list as his most frequently chosen teams.

At number five, we witnessed a grand entrance fit for the annals of sports history. Corso’s arrival at Autzen Stadium in Oregon was nothing short of spectacular. Picture this: the legendary broadcaster, donning the Duck mascot head, perched atop a motorcycle driven by none other than the beloved mascot itself. It was a sight to behold and a moment that will forever be etched in our memories.

Number four takes us back to Auburn in 2017 for the highly anticipated Iron Bowl. Among the star-studded lineup on set, the charismatic Charles Barkley stole the show with his undeniable wit. Known for his unfiltered and often hilarious commentary, Barkley delivered one of his most memorable lines that day. As he confidently declared, “2013 was the Kick Six. Today is gonna be the Kick Ass.” And boy, was he right. Auburn, ranked sixth at the time, triumphed over the top-ranked Alabama with a stunning 26-14 victory.