Leagues Cup 2024: New Format Revealed with Tiers, Regions, and Hub Privileges

In the exciting world of sports, the Leagues Cup brings together clubs from different leagues to compete in a thrilling tournament. To ensure fairness and balance, the participating clubs (excluding the champions from the two leagues) are divided into three tiers based on the Leagues Cup ranking. This creates 15 groups, with each group consisting of three clubs from different tiers. The organizers prioritize geographical and competitive balance among the 45 clubs, making sure that every team has a fair chance to showcase their skills.

In the upcoming 2024 edition of the Leagues Cup, there will be two regions – East and West. The East region will have seven groups, while the West region will have eight groups. This regionalization of travel will benefit all participating clubs, reducing their time on the road and allowing them to focus more on the competition.

The LIGA MX champion and the top three ranked LIGA MX clubs are granted hub privileges in the Leagues Cup. This means that these clubs will have the advantage of playing in pre-determined venues as the home team, thereby minimizing their travel. The specific venues for these clubs will be announced along with the Leagues Cup 2024 schedule and bracket at a later date, adding to the anticipation and excitement surrounding the tournament.

For all the passionate fans out there, tickets for all matches will be available on LeaguesCup.com and through the hosting MLS clubs. If you are a season ticket holder for an MLS club, make sure to reach out to your club representative for more information on how to secure your spot in the stands and witness the thrilling action firsthand.

The Leagues Cup is set to deliver a thrilling and unforgettable tournament, bringing together clubs from different leagues to compete for glory. Get ready to witness the passion, skill, and determination of these teams as they battle it out on the field. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as the Leagues Cup 2024 approaches.