Bulls’ DeMar DeRozan Calls for Fair Officiating and Expresses Frustration with Bobby Portis Jr. Incident: NBC Sports Chicago

Bulls' DeMar DeRozan Calls for Fair Officiating and Expresses Frustration with Bobby Portis Jr. Incident NBC Sports Chicago

DeMar DeRozan, the shooting guard of the Chicago Bulls, expressed his frustration in a heated post-game interview following their recent loss against the Milwaukee Bucks. DeRozan didn’t hold back, calling for fairness in the calls made by the referees. He highlighted the discrepancy in free throws, with the Bucks shooting 32 compared to the Bulls’ 16. This unfairness in calls seemed to affect the Bulls’ ability to find a rhythm and be physical on the defensive end.

DeRozan’s frustrations reached a boiling point in the third quarter when he committed a flagrant-one foul on Bobby Portis Jr. Not only did he receive a technical foul, but he also felt disrespected by Portis Jr.’s intense stare-down. DeRozan made it clear that he’s all about respect in the game, and any form of disrespect, whether it’s from a fellow player or even a janitor in the hallway, is not acceptable to him. He emphasized that he’s never been one to engage in theatrics and believes in competing without crossing the line.

Adding to the Bulls’ frustrations, Nikola Vucevic committed a flagrant-two foul on AJ Green. Vucevic acknowledged his mistake and expressed remorse, stating that he let his frustration and a rough game get the best of him. He recognized that his foul could have resulted in a dangerous play and plans to apologize to Green for his actions.

Coach Billy Donovan tried to address the officials early in the game, alerting them to the escalating physicality and intensity. However, he refused to use officiating as an excuse for the team’s 16-point loss. Donovan emphasized the need for the team to respond better in such situations and maintain control over their emotions.

Despite the frustrations and challenges faced, the Bulls are determined to bounce back and find ways to improve. Their resilience and determination will be crucial as they continue to navigate the ups and downs of the season. Stay tuned for more updates and insights on the Bulls Talk Podcast.