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Knockout stuff from arrows ace Ben Marley as he wins Bognor divisional singles title

Ben Marley was in fine form to win the Bognor divisional singles knockouts title in the double-in, double-out darts league.

The division one event at Newtown Social Club saw 22 players take part, almost the worst divisional turnout for years. The preliminary matches and the first round saw three games where team mates played each other. Loads of ton-plus in-shots were hit in the first few rounds, making most of the matches very tough for all involved.

The first semi-final saw team mates Micky Rowland and Marley (the Legends) fight it out. Marley hit a 102 in-shot in the first and third legs, winning both legs to the disappointment of Rowland.

The second semi-final saw last years runner-up Andy Whiteley (the Legends) take on Wayne Wadsworth (QE2) who took out the five-time and reigning champion Gary Blackwood (the Legends) in the quarter-finals.

Whiteley won the first leg, but Wadsworth took the second. The third leg could have gone to either player, but Wadsworth missed chances, allowing Whiteley to make it an all Legends final.

The Division one final saw Marley win the bull to go first, again hitting a 102 in-shot. Whiteley hit 135 to catch up, but Marley hit a ton putting him back in the lead. With his opponent on 68, Marley then hit double top with his first dart to take the leg.

The second leg saw a slow start from Whiteley, and with scores of 97, 91 and125 from Marley, the leg was in his grasp. Marley then proceeded to miss some doubles, but eventually he hit double 4 to go 2-0 up. Leg 3 saw both players start straight away. Whiteley hit a ton and 140, but Marley kept up.

With 92 left, Whiteley had to take the leg, and he did, hitting bullseye, single 10 and double 16. Leg 4 saw Marley hit another 102 in-shot, followed by 85, 100 and 81, but Whiteley caught up with 81, 140 and 100. Whiteley missed double top to take the leg, but Marley slipped and couldn’t finish.

One dart later, Whiteley hit double top for the leg, making it two all. Marley started the last leg, but Whiteley missed his in-shot. Marley hit the first ton, but Whiteley replied with a 140 followed by a ton, 82 and 78, leaving himself 40. Whiteley missed double top on his next throw, only leaving himself five, but Marley stepped up, hitting 20, 16 and double 16 for a 68 out-shot, taking the match win, and the title.

Alex Norgett Keith RobinsonDivision two saw 35 players step up to the oche, two more than last year, and another record for the second year. The only 180 of the night came from Rob Misselbrook (Hunston Club) in the first round, but he lost out in the quarter-finals.

The first semi-final saw Alex Norgett (Chi Snooker Club) take on Lee Passey (BRSA). Despite starting the first leg with a 100 in-shot, Passey couldn’t match Norgett who won the match 2-0. The second semi-final saw Nick Hales (the Hoffmeisters) against Keith Robinson (Chi Snooker Club).

Robinson hit a 100 in-shot to start the match, but Hales won the leg. Robinson then came back to take the second leg, and pushed forward in the last leg, hitting the bullseye for a 126 out-shot, making it an all Chi Snooker Club final.

The final saw Robinson win the bullseye but fail to hit the in-shot for two throws. Norgett, meanwhile, got in with his first throw, and was the only ton scorer in the leg.

Robinson caught up though, and with 108 on the board, hit treble 20, single 16 and double 16 for a 108 out-shot and the first leg. Both players started straight away in leg two, and Robinson hit 136 and 137 later in the leg, but Norgett was up with him. Robinson missed a chance at a 90 finish, but Norgett also missed his chance at 66.

Robinson then took the second leg with one dart at double four. Leg three saw the on-form Robinson hit a 120 in-shot, followed by 140 and 85. Norgett had a slow start but eventually hit 96 and 77, but he was still too far behind his team mate. Robinson only had 24 left after 15 darts, and with his second dart he hit the double, taking the leg, and the win, becoming the champion.

Carl Eldridge
Carl Eldridge
Carl Eldridge is a hugely experienced journalist who has worked on local and national newspapers, magazines and written for websites over the past 30 years. He lives in Bognor Regis with his wife and son.