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Rebecca on the run! Pet hotel owner ready to put best foot forward to raise money for Chestnut Tree House

Rebecca Rowland is ready to put her best foot forward next month to raise money for Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice.

Felpham woman Rebecca, who owns and manages R and R Pet Services, is perhaps more used to seeing dogs running with joy as an aspect of her business. Now she is set to take part in the Littlehampton 10k run. It’s all to boost the coffers of the hospice, which provides care to children and families across Sussex.

Rebecca says: “I must be mad but last year I did this run, it was my first 10k and I didn’t really tell anyone because I was worried I might bottle out or not finish, so I didn’t really raise any money.

“But I did finish in 1:17:34 so this time round I want to do a bit better and raise some money. This year I want to raise more money for Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice because the work they do is so important.”

Rebecca Dog Walking

R and R Pet Services is the one-stop venue for pet holidays, small animal grooming, educational workshops, runs a kids’ pet club, stages children’s parties, and their experts offer a hutch build service as well as offering tips and advice. And also offered is a dog-sitting service, though, for various reasons, the pet hotel doesn’t care for cats.

Owners taking time away from home for holidays, family visits or business no longer have to worry that their furry pets such as rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs aren’t getting the care they deserve. The hotel benefits from an insulated ceiling, new floor and custom worktops to house everything from leopard geckos and dwarf rabbits.

Rebecca adds: “Our pet hotel has been busier than ever. So, too has our Facebook page, as this month we reached our first 100 likes. it’s a big deal for us, so to celebrate we’ve got some great offers.”

Those offers include £10 off of the “Little Barn” pet houses, normally £75 and 10 per cent off all pet holidays for September through to December, when you book and pay front. Simply quote “Facebook 100” when you make your booking.

Carl Eldridge
Carl Eldridge
Carl Eldridge is a hugely experienced journalist who has worked on local and national newspapers, magazines and written for websites over the past 30 years. He lives in Bognor Regis with his wife and son.