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Keep ‘em peeled for pooch poop sprayed with bright pink paint!

Keep ‘em peeled for pooch poop sprayed with bright pink paint! That’s the message as one group of concerned Bognor residents try to come to terms with tackling the foul problem of dog mess in the town.

For years, folk have had to dodge doggy do left by owners who seemingly can’t be bother to clear up after their hounds.

Now an online poll on Facebook group, Bognor Regis Matters, is asking people if they would consider volunteering for a “pink poop patrol” as part of the town council’s new community engagement and environment committee.

The idea has been successful in areas of towns and cities throughout the country, with reports of big reductions in the amount of waste left behind.

It works in many ways as it highlights and possibly embarrasses the dog owner who didn’t clean up; shows people where the mess is to help them avoid it and makes it easy for street cleaners to see and clear up.

Frustrated dog owner Angie Jackson, who regularly exercises her dog in parks and on the beach, says she thinks it is a great scheme.

“It sounds odd just spraying the poop and leaving it there rather than cleaning it up there and then but it works because it reminds people they left it and hopefully they are too ashamed to do so again.”

said mum-of-two Angie.

“Also it acts as a warning to pavement and park users so they can avoid stepping in it.”


Carl Eldridge
Carl Eldridge
Carl Eldridge is a hugely experienced journalist who has worked on local and national newspapers, magazines and written for websites over the past 30 years. He lives in Bognor Regis with his wife and son.