Doritos Spain Fires Transgender Influencer Iván Ranedo Over Controversial Tweets

Doritos Spain made headlines recently when they fired transgender influencer Iván Ranedo, also known as Samantha Hudson, due to controversial tweets. The company faced intense backlash after posting a video on Instagram featuring Hudson, leading to their decision to terminate their relationship with the influencer.

The incident started when Hudson posted a tweet that mentioned doing “thuggish things” to a minor. This tweet sparked outrage among social media users, who criticized Hudson for the inappropriate comment. As a result, Doritos Spain faced significant pressure to take action.

In response, the company quickly distanced themselves from Hudson and publicly announced their decision to end their partnership. This move was seen as a strong response to the controversy and a clear statement of the company’s values.

This incident highlights the challenges that companies may face when working with influencers. Brands must carefully consider the values and reputation of the individuals they collaborate with to ensure they align with their own corporate values. In this case, Doritos Spain made a swift and decisive move to protect their brand image and uphold their commitment to social responsibility.

The controversy surrounding Hudson’s tweets serves as a reminder of the power and influence that social media platforms hold. In today’s digital age, a single tweet or post can quickly go viral and have significant consequences. Companies must be vigilant in monitoring the content shared by their influencers to avoid potential reputational damage.

Overall, Doritos Spain’s decision to fire Iván Ranedo demonstrates their commitment to maintaining a positive brand image and upholding their values. This incident serves as a cautionary tale for both influencers and brands, highlighting the importance of responsible social media use and the potential consequences of controversial content.