Bingo bosses may have vociferous Vince barred

BINGO bosses have told a Bognor pensioner the number is up on his madcap antics to claim his cash.

The genial chap, an Italian known only as Vince, has been rebuked by spoil-sport at Crown Bingo, in the town’s London Road, for his vociferous reactions when he wins some wonga.

On hearing his lucky number called to complete a “line” or “house”, Vince apparently  jumps for joy and, at the top of his voice, calls out: “Bingo, bingo, bingo.”

Fair enough you might imagine given that if you don’t call or attract the caller’s attention before the next number is announced, you miss out on your cash

One bingo-goer said:

“A lot of people seem to get annoyed with Vince when he wins, perhaps they are envious that he has won the money and they have missed out.”

“It got to the point that he was told he could be barred if he continued. It is all far too petty and these small-minded people really should get a life.”

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Carl Eldridge
Carl Eldridge is a hugely experienced journalist who has worked on local and national newspapers, magazines and written for websites over the past 30 years. He lives in Bognor Regis with his wife and son.