The Day Before, Everything that we anticipated it to be is exactly what it is

The Day Before

In case you missed it, The Day Before, the highly anticipated game developed by FNTASTIC, was finally released on December 7, after years of rumors and speculation. Many people, including myself, began to doubt if the game even existed. However, with its release, it quickly became evident that it would have been better if it did turn out to be nothing more than vaporware.

Just three days after its release, The Day Before has garnered a staggering 13,500 ‘Overwhelmingly Negative’ reviews on Steam, making it the fastest and most well-documented implosion of any game so far this year. This is quite an achievement, considering the number of highly anticipated games that were released throughout 2023, such as Rise of Kong, Gollum, and The Walking Dead: Destinies.

The crushing disappointment surrounding The Day Before can be attributed to several factors. When the game first went live on Steam, it quickly amassed a peak player count of around 30,000 users. However, within just twenty-four hours, that number plummeted to a mere 6,600. Many players found the game’s servers to be borderline inaccessible, contributing to the decline in player count . But that’s not all.

The Day Before has gained notoriety for being riddled with bugs, even for an early-access game. It lacks critical features, such as melee combat, which is a significant letdown for players who were eager to experience intense close-quarters battles. Additionally, the game features strange and almost AI-generated in-game advertisements, giving it an unpolished and superficial feel.

One of the biggest issues with The Day Before is that it strayed significantly from its initial concept. Contrary to FNTASTIC’s claims of it being an MMO, the game turned out to be more of an extraction shooter. This sudden change in the game’s core concept right at launch raises serious concerns about the project’s development and direction.

As of the time of writing, The Day Before currently occupies the 7th position on the ‘Worst-Rated Steam Games’ chart. It finds itself sandwiched between other critically panned games like Uriel’s Chasm and Identity. It falls a few spots behind Modern Warfare II (2022) and Overwatch 2, which is quite a disgrace for a game that was expected to make waves in the gaming community.

The anticipation and subsequent disappointment surrounding The Day Before prompted FNTASTIC to release a pre-emptive statement on Twitter, kindly asking gamers to refrain from accusing them of ‘scamming.’ Unfortunately, this statement has only fueled more controversy and skepticism among the gaming community.

In conclusion, The Day Before has proven to be a colossal failure on multiple fronts. Its overwhelmingly negative reviews on Steam, the rapid decline in its player count, the persistent server issues, the abundance of bugs, the lack of key features, and the change in its game concept have all contributed to its dismal reception. FNTASTIC’s plea to avoid scam accusations only serves to highlight the growing sense of betrayal felt by disappointed gamers. The Day Before is, without a doubt, a prime example of a game that failed to meet expectations and has quickly become one of the worst-rated games on Steam.