Street Fighter 6 Update 1.08 – December 03, 2023

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Bognor News is pleased to announce the release of the highly anticipated update for Street Fighter 6, marked as version Update 1.08. This comprehensive update introduces a host of Game improvements, Bug Fixes, and general enhancements to elevate the overall gaming experience. Players across all platforms can now access and download the update, embracing a multitude of adjustments designed to enrich gameplay dynamics. As the gaming community eagerly awaits the latest advancements, the update not only addresses known issues but also implements key features that enhance the immersive nature of the game. The file size for this update may vary based on the platform, ensuring a tailored and efficient download process for each gaming system. Stay informed and delve into the specifics of this significant update by exploring the comprehensive Patch Notes provided below.

Street Fighter 6 Update 1.08: New Features, Fixes, and Path Notes

Goods Shop Items Added

  • In this update, new items have been added to the Goods Shop. Players can now browse and purchase a variety of exclusive in-game items for their characters.

“Happy Holidays” Fighting Pass

  • The “Happy Holidays” Fighting Pass event has started, bringing festive-themed content to the game. Players can expect special holiday-themed customization options and rewards.

Challenge Customization: Cartoonish

  • A new customization theme called “Cartoonish” has been introduced for Challenge mode. This option allows players to modify the appearance of their characters with a cartoon-like aesthetic.

New Outfits

  •  Outfit 3 has been released for the launch roster, consisting of 18 characters. Additionally, Outfit 3 for the additional Year 1 characters will be available for purchase when Akuma is released.

Fighting Ground

  • Exciting new features have been introduced to Battle Settings.

Link to Outfit Illustration

  • When “Link to Outfit” is selected as the Challenge Customization option, the challenge illustration will now reflect the character’s appearance with Outfit 2 or Outfit 3.

Opponent Outfit Settings

  • Players now have the ability to set the outfit and color for each character they face online. This option, called “Opponent Outfit Settings,” allows for a personalized visual experience during battles.

Raised Ranked Match Placement Rank

  • The highest rank achievable from completing Ranked Match placement matches has been increased from Diamond 1 to Diamond 5. Players can now strive for higher ranks and showcase their skills.

Live Commentary Updates

  • Some additional lines and patterns have been added to enhance the Live Commentary feature’s commentators. This update enriches the gameplay experience by adding more variety to in-game commentary.

Battle Adjustments

  • Various adjustments have been made to address unintended behavior and improve overall gameplay. For a detailed list of these adjustments, please refer to the Battle Change List provided on the official website.

Warning Regarding Replays

  • After updating to version 1.08, players will not be able to play back replays from earlier versions of the game. While previously saved replays will remain saved in the Replay List, they cannot be played back. Furthermore, replays from earlier versions will not appear in search results.

Fighter Profile

  • Historical data from earlier versions of the game will not be displayed in the Fighter Profile section. Players can now focus on their current progress and achievements in the updated version.

Battle Hub Adjustments

  • The number of available Battle Hub servers has been adjusted to improve the online multiplayer experience. This adjustment ensures smoother matchmaking and better connectivity for players.

New Intermediate Server

  • A new server titled “Intermediate” has been added to cater to beginner and intermediate level players. This server provides a suitable environment for players to improve their skills and enjoy balanced matchups.

League-Separated Tournaments

  • Tournaments have now been subdivided into finer groups based on ranks. The Rookie, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond ranks each have their own exclusive tournaments, while Master and Legend rank players will compete in combined tournaments.

Ongoing Events

  • The NERDS collab and Baki series collab events have commenced and will run from December 1, 2023, to January 9, 2024. Players can participate in these events and enjoy exclusive content and collaborations. Additionally, the game developers are preparing for various upcoming events, including tournaments, challenges, and birthday celebrations.

World Tour Enhancements

  • The number of entries that can be registered to Favorite Gear has been increased to 100. This allows players to expand their collection of favorite gear and customize their characters accordingly.

Perk Effects Adjusted

  • Some adjustments have been made to perk effects to ensure balanced gameplay. The outgoing damage boost for Fatal Counter has been decreased, while the incoming damage boost has been increased to counterbalance the perk. It is also no longer possible to stack this perk for additional effect.

Flash Damage Boost

  • The damage boost provided by the Flash perk has been increased based on the amount of gauge consumed. Players can now achieve a maximum outgoing damage boost of 180% with a single instance of this perk.

General Improvements

  • In online battles, if an opponent disconnects, players can now view information about that opponent after the disconnect, providing better clarity and understanding of the match.

Avatar Recipe Sharing Scope

  • Players now have the option to set their Avatar Recipe Sharing Scope to “Private” in the Privacy Settings. This ensures that their custom recipes and creations are not shared online, allowing for a more personalized experience.

Tournament Entry Details

  • The tournament entry screen now displays the date and time from which players can enter a tournament, making it easier to plan and participate in these events.

Improved Score Boost Notifications

  • When playing an Extreme Battle with the “Smash and Grab” x “Lucky Drone” rule and gimmick combination, it is now more noticeable if a Score Boost is active. This enhancement helps players keep track of their progress and potential score multipliers.

Bug Fixes

  • Several bug fixes have been implemented in this update. Issues with the display of frame values for certain moves during replay viewing or match spectating have been resolved. Another bug related to Custom Room Team Battles, where victory animations were not skipped for spectators if one of the players skipped the animation, has also been fixed. Various other miscellaneous bugs have also been addressed.

Known Issues

  • Currently, during Avatar Battles, certain attacks with follow-ups intended to be activated only on landing a hit can be activated even on block. The development team is actively working on a solution to address this issue and ensure fair gameplay.

This comprehensive update for Street Fighter 6 brings a plethora of new content, features, and fixes to enhance the overall game experience. Players can now enjoy exciting new customization options, improved battle settings, and a more immersive online multiplayer experience. The inclusion of new events and collaborations further adds to the excitement, while bug fixes ensure smoother gameplay. Stay tuned for future updates and celebrate the holiday season in the world of Street Fighter 6!

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