Stardew Valley: The Complete Calendar Guide – NPC Birthdays, Festivals, Seasons, and More

Stardew Valley

As a farming simulator, seasons play a crucial role in the gameplay of Stardew Valley. Beyond just the growing periods, the game also tracks NPC birthdays, festivals, and wild berry seasons. It is essential for players to keep track of these dates in order to fully experience everything that Stardew Valley has to offer. To assist players in managing their time effectively, Pierre’s shop provides a calendar next to the front door, and Robin sells a calendar at her shop. However, these calendars only display the current season and do not include information on birthdays of NPCs you haven’t met or special foraging times like salmonberry season and blackberry season. This comprehensive guide aims to fill in these gaps by providing the complete calendar of events, along with some useful tips for new players.


Spring in Stardew Valley is a season of new beginnings and fresh growth. From planting crops to befriending the residents of Pelican Town, there are plenty of activities to keep players busy.

  • Spring 4: Kent (Jodi’s husband, returns to 1 Willow Lane during Spring of Year 2)
  • Spring 7: Lewis (the mayor, lives on his own in the southeast)
  • Spring 10: Vincent (Jodi and Kent’s youngest son)
  • Spring 13: The Egg Festival
  • Spring 14: Haley (lives with her sister Emily in 2 Willow Lane)
  • Spring 15-18: Salmonberry season
  • Spring 18: Pam (the bus driver when the bus is operating, lives in a trailer)
  • Spring 20: Shane (lives with his aunt Marnie)
  • Spring 24: The Flower Dance
  • Spring 26: Pierre (the seed shop proprietor)
  • Spring 27: Emily (Haley’s sister)


Summer brings warmth and sunshine to Stardew Valley, providing excellent opportunities for farming and exploration. Make sure to keep track of these significant dates.

  •  Summer 4: Jas (lives with her aunt Marnie)
  •  Summer 8: Gus (the tavern proprietor)
  •  Summer 10: Maru (daughter of Demetrius and Robin)
  •  Summer 11: The Luau
  •  Summer 12-14: On these days, the summer tides wash more forage items onto the ocean beach
  •  Summer 13: Alex (lives with his grandparents in the house east of Pierre’s)
  •  Summer 17: Sam (Jodi and Kent’s oldest son)
  •  Summer 19: Demetrius (Robin’s husband)
  •  Summer 22: The Dwarf (break the rocks on the east wall of the Mines entrance to unlock. You must also understand dwarvish to gain friendship points)
  •  Summer 24: Willy (the bait shop proprietor)
  •  Summer 26: Leo (reach Ginger Island and gather 10 golden walnuts to unlock)
  •  Summer 28: The Dance of the Moonlight Jellies


Fall is a season of bountiful harvests and vibrant colors. It is the perfect time to build relationships and participate in exciting events in the valley.

  •  Fall 2: Penny (Pam’s daughter, watches Jas and Vincent on most days)
  •  Fall 5: Elliot (lives in a shack on the beach)
  •  Fall 8-11: Blackberry season
  •  Fall 11: Jodi (lives in 1 Willow Lane)
  •  Fall 13: Abigail (daughter of Pierre and Caroline)
  •  Fall 15: Sandy (repair the bus and then visit the Oasis to unlock)
  •  Fall 16: The Stardew Valley Fair
  •  Fall 18: Marnie (the animal farm proprietor who lives in the forest region)
  •  Fall 21: Robin (the carpenter shop proprietor who lives in the mountain region)
  •  Fall 24: George (lives with his wife Evelyn and grandson Alex)
  •  Fall 27: Spirit’s Eve


Winter brings freezing temperatures and snowy landscapes to Stardew Valley. While farming activities may be limited, there are still plenty of events and opportunities to engage with the community.

  •  Winter 1: Krobus (get the rusty key by donating to the museum and visit the sewer to unlock)
  •  Winter 3: Linus (the old man who lives in a tent in the mountains)
  •  Winter 7: Caroline (Pierre’s wife, runs an aerobics class on Tuesdays)
  •  Winter 8: The Festival of Ice
  •  Winter 10: Sebastian (the son of Robin and Demetrius, his room is in their basement)
  •  Winter 14: Harvey (the town doctor, his clinic connects to Pierre’s shop)
  •  Winter 15-17: The Night Market opens, visit the ocean docks after 5 pm
  •  Winter 17: Wizard (aka Rasmodius, lives in a tower on the west side of the woods region, must start the Community Center quest to unlock)
  •  Winter 20: Evelyn (lives with her husband George and grandson Alex)
  •  Winter 23: Leah (lives in a cabin south of Marnie’s farm)
  •  Winter 25: The Feast of the Winter Star
  •  Winter 26: Clint (the town blacksmith, lives north of the museum east of the river)

Stardew Valley offers a rich and immersive gaming experience, with its well-crafted calendar system being an essential component. This complete calendar guide provides players with crucial dates for festivals, NPC birthdays, foraging seasons, and other significant events throughout the year. By staying on top of these events, players can optimize their time and fully enjoy everything Stardew Valley has to offer. Whether playing on Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, or Xbox One, this comprehensive guide will prove invaluable to both new and seasoned players alike. So grab your watering can, put on your boots, and dive into the magical world of Stardew Valley!