Lies of P Update 1.04 – December 11, 2023

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Bognor News is pleased to announce the release of the highly anticipated update for Lies of P, marked as version Update 1.04. This comprehensive update introduces a host of Game improvements, Bug Fixes, and general enhancements to elevate the overall gaming experience. Players across all platforms can now access and download the update, embracing a multitude of adjustments designed to enrich gameplay dynamics. As the gaming community eagerly awaits the latest advancements, the update not only addresses known issues but also implements key features that enhance the immersive nature of the game. The file size for this update may vary based on the platform, ensuring a tailored and efficient download process for each gaming system. Stay informed and delve into the specifics of this significant update by exploring the comprehensive Patch Notes provided below.

Lies of P Update 1.04: Bringing New Content and Enhancements

New Equipment in the ‘Equipment’ and ‘Bag’ Menu

With the installation of the latest update for Lies of P, players will be delighted to find exciting new items available in the ‘Equipment’ and ‘Bag’ menu. These additions promise to enhance gameplay and provide players with fresh customization options. Brace yourselves for the following enticing additions:

  • Midwinter Night’s Red Nose: In the spirit of the winter season, players can now equip their characters with a whimsical and festive red nose. Allow your character to stand out with this unique accessory, adding a touch of charm and lightheartedness to their appearance.
  • Earnest Reindeer’s Antlers: Channel your inner reindeer with the Earnest Reindeer’s Antlers. Transform your character into a creature of the wild, sporting majestic antlers that embody grace and strength. These antlers are sure to make your character a standout among their peers.
  • Winter Festival Peaked Hat: Embrace the chilly weather and style your character with the Winter Festival Peaked Hat. This fashionable headpiece adds an element of sophistication and flair to your character’s overall look. Show off your fashion sense and be the trendsetter of the Lies of P world.

Japanese Translation Enhanced for a Seamless Experience

  • In this update, the Lies of P development team has dedicated their efforts to improve the quality of Japanese translation. By refining the translation

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