Fishlabs Announced the Release of Concepts for the Cancelled Game ‘Project Black’

Project Black_

In a recent turn of events, several Fishlabs developers and artists showcased their creative work on Artstation, sharing conceptual images and videos of their canceled game, ‘Project Black.’ The release of these assets sheds light on the game’s development journey and gives enthusiasts a glimpse into what could have been. This article aims to delve into the canceled project’s details, its background, the reasons behind its cancellation, and the impact it had on Fishlabs and its talented team.

Project Black’s Connection to Embracer Group’s ‘Project Phoenix’ Restructuring

According to the posts made by the developers, ‘Project Black’ faced cancellation in September 2023 as a part of Embracer Group’s ambitious ‘Project Phoenix’ restructuring. It was within this large-scale reorganization that numerous projects, including ‘Project Black,’ was unfortunately scrapped. The cancellation of such a high-profile project undoubtedly impacted the Fishlabs team, who had poured their creative energy and expertise into its development.

Unveiling Project Black: A Third-Person Sci-Fi Shooter

Through the released images and videos, we gain insight into the nature of ‘Project Black.’ The developers’ comments indicate that the game was intended to be a third-person sci-fi shooter, promising an immersive experience set in a futuristic world. The conceptual stages of the game’s development spanned two years, during which the team worked passionately to bring their vision to life. Unfortunately, ‘Project Black’ did not progress beyond the conceptual phase, leaving fans yearning for what could have been.

Exploring Fishlabs’ Library of Content

In their Artstation posts, the Fishlabs developers and artists have generously shared a selection of conceptual images and videos from ‘Project Black.’ These assets provide a visual feast for fans, showcasing the team’s artistic skill and attention to detail. For a more comprehensive experience, the entire library of content can be accessed through the provided link. Delving into the artwork and videos allows one to appreciate the creativity and dedication invested in ‘Project Black.’

Downsizing and the Unannounced Project Financing Woes

In November 2023, Fishlabs made an unsettling announcement regarding downsizing, which directly impacted approximately 50 positions within the studio. The company expressed its sincere efforts to avoid this unfortunate situation, highlighting the lack of approval and consequent financing for their unannounced project, also known as ‘Project Black.’ This financial setback ultimately led to the unavoidable decision to downsize the team.

Embracer Group Layoffs and Studio Restructuring

Beyond the downsizing at Fishlabs, the broader Embracer Group has been experiencing continuous downsizing across various studios in recent months. This pattern of layoffs and downsizing raises concerns about the stability of the gaming industry and the challenges faced by developers and artists worldwide. For instance, news emerged of layoffs at 3D Realms and Spligate Ironworks, leaving talented individuals seeking new opportunities during the holiday season. As Lead Composer and Sound Design Michael Markie candidly shared on Twitter, he found himself laid off just before Christmas, expressing his availability for level design and audio positions.

The release of conceptual images and videos from ‘Project Black’ by Fishlabs’ developers and artists on Artstation has shed light on a fascinating yet doomed game project. The cancellation of this third-person sci-fi shooter within the context of Embracer Group’s ‘Project Phoenix’ restructuring has hsignificantly impactedFishlabs, resulting in downsizing and leaving talented individuals seeking new employment opportunities. Nevertheless, the artwork and videos shared by the team provide a glimpse into the creative potential that ‘Project Black’ possessed, leaving fans pondering the possibilities that could have been.