Epic Games is looking to include Super Mario skins in Fortnite

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Epic Games Wants Super Mario Skins in Fortnite: Exploring the Possibilities and Obstacles

Fortnite, the viral online multiplayer video game Epic Games developed, has become more than a gaming platform. Thanks to its countless collaborations, it has transformed into a powerful advertising platform for various brands. With its constant influx of partnerships, it seems like Fortnite never stops surprising its players. The game has incorporated characters from well-known gaming franchises such as Halo, God of War, Resident Evil, and Street Fighter. However, among all the potential collaborations, one stands out as the most highly requested and anticipated by players and fans alike – the inclusion of Super Mario and other beloved characters from Nintendo IPs. In this article, we will delve into Epic Games’ desire to bring Super Mario skins to Fortnite, analyzing its reasons and the challenges that might hinder this dream collaboration.

The Desperate Desire for Nintendo Characters in Fortnite

Sax Persson, the head of the Fortnite ecosystem at Epic Games, revealed in an interview with Axios that the company has endeavored to secure a collaboration with Nintendo. However, Persson acknowledged the differing strategies of the two companies, stating that while Epic Games strives to include Nintendo characters in Fortnite, it ultimately relies on Nintendo’s willingness to participate. Persson attested that Fortnite players would love having Nintendo characters in the game. This desire is shared by millions of players worldwide who have grown up playing iconic Nintendo titles and have a deep attachment to these timeless characters.

The Nintendo Strategy: Staying True to Brand Ethos

Kit Ellis, a former public relations manager at Nintendo, has shed light on Nintendo’s stance on collaborations with other gaming platforms. Ellis explained that Nintendo has spent decades cultivating its characters and intellectual properties (IPs) to the point where they have become precious, contributing to the enormous success of the Mario franchise and the Nintendo Switch, currently the best-selling console in the market. Ellis believes integrating Nintendo characters into a game like Fortnite, which prominently features shooting and violence, would go against Nintendo’s brand ethos. Nintendo has always maintained a strict policy against portraying its characters engaged in acts of violence, especially using firearms. Ellis argues that allowing Nintendo characters to be featured in Fortnite, where they would merely be one of several characters who play the same role, holds no discernible benefits for Nintendo. Ultimately, Ellis concludes that such a collaboration with Fortnite makes no sense from a branding perspective as it goes against everything Nintendo stands for.

The Conflict between Fortnite’s Violent Nature and Nintendo’s Violence-Free Characters

Nintendo’s long-standing commitment to creating family-friendly and violence-free characters has been a significant factor in establishing the company as a global leader in the gaming industry. Nintendo characters, such as Mario, Luigi, and Link, are beloved for their charming and wholesome qualities, which have endeared them to players of all ages. The unavoidable clash between the inherently non-violent nature of Nintendo’s characters and Fortnite’s central gameplay mechanics, built around shooting and eliminating opponents, creates a fundamental conflict. This conflict poses a significant obstacle for Epic Games and Nintendo if they collaborate to bring Nintendo characters into the Fortnite universe.

The Unlikelihood of Nintendo Characters in Fortnite, but Never Say Never

Despite the seemingly insurmountable obstacles, it is never wise to say never. Throughout the history of Fortnite, numerous intellectual properties have made unexpected appearances in the game. Fortnite’s evolution into a platform incorporating user-generated content and extending beyond its Battle Royale game mode opens up the possibility for Nintendo-related content to be integrated. For instance, a manner similar to the immensely popular LEGO Fortnite, where players can build and create structures using LEGO blocks, might be a potential avenue for Nintendo to explore. However, the inclusion of Nintendo characters as playable skins in Fortnite remains to be seen and heavily debated among fans and industry insiders.

Fortnite’s status as an advertising platform for other brands is undeniable, with collaborations constantly augmenting players’ experiences. The desire to see Super Mario and other beloved Nintendo characters in Fortnite is a sentiment shared by countless gamers. However, the clash between Fortnite’s violent nature and Nintendo’s unwavering commitment to offering wholesome and family-friendly experiences presents a daunting challenge. While Epic Games acknowledges the divide in sstrategy dividee two companies, the potential for a Nintendo skin collaboration in Fortnite is primarily in Nintendo’s hands. Although it seems unlikely that Nintendo will relent and allow its characters to be featured in a game antithetical to its brand ethos, the ever-evolving nature of Fortnite leaves room for surprises. Perhaps, in the nearshortlyy witness a unique blending of these two iconic entities, as Fortnie continues to reshape the gaming industry with its unprecedented collaborations.