EA PGA Tour Update 1.000.017 – December 13, 2023

EA Sports PGA Tour 1

Bognor News is excited to announce the release of EA PGA Tour Update 1.006. This update brings a range of improvements, bug fixes, and enhancements to enhance the gaming experience. Players on all platforms can now download the update, which addresses known issues and introduces new features. The update’s file size may vary depending on the platform, ensuring a smooth download process. For more details, ceck out the comprehensive Patch Notes.

New Specs for Season 9:

    • Tournaments now have Specs with improved ratings and this season will be awarding new Season 9 Precision and Impact Series Specs.


    • Fixed the orange circle effect being shown for obstructed shots when the Aiming Arc setting is “Off”.
    • Fixed the ball repositioning logic so that it is always disabled for balls on the green. This was noticeable on holes like Harbour Town #14 and Sawgrass #17 if a ball was hit onto the green close to the water.


    • Removed “Unplayable Lie” menu option from Online and Private Match modes, since it was previously disabled and was unintentionally enabled in a recent patch.
    • Fix for sometimes seeing remote golfers immediately step to address the ball and back when it is their turn to play.


    • Updated the Tournament selection widget to replace “Hole Select” and “Game Mode” information with “Tee Location” and “Mechanic Style”, so that players are better informed about Tournament setup before registering.


    • [The Country Club] Fixed wrongly ordered hole preview images for The Country Club in custom hole select screen.
    • [Torrey Pines] Fixed one of the online spectator cameras on hole 8 viewing the wrong hole.


    • [Career] Updated PGA of America logo to use the white version of the logo in a number of screens so that it is easier to see.
    • [Course Select] Update alphabetical sorting so that it no longer takes capitalization into account.
    • [Custom Hole Select] Fixed so that highlighted color no longer remains on each hole after it’s been highlighted.
    • [Online] Fixed loading screens color being darker than intended and text formatting, so that longer course names fit correctly.
    • [Pro Pass] Removed quantity labels from Pro Pass levels.
    • [Quests] Removed redundant progress indicators from a number of “Road to PGA” quests objectives.
    • [Skills] Fixed the Course Fit widget to more accurately represent how your golfer’s skills and specs contribute to each attribute.
    • [Skins] Fixed “skins won” value in the gameplay scorecard.
    • [Skins] Fixed the scorecard which was missing the thousands separator.
    • [Text] Fixed a few inconsistent terms such as “coins” instead of “Reward Points” and “activate golfer” instead of “select golfer”.


    • Fixed clipping on the back of the collar on the Skeleton Quarter Zip.


    • Fixed a crash that could occur if Quests were unavailable.
    • Fixed a softlock that could occur after changing first party profiles in the main menu.
    • Additional crash and stability-related fixes.

Source: EA PGA Tour