DNF Duel Update 1.61 – December 18, 2023

DNF Duel 2

Bognor News is excited to announce the release of DNF Duel Update 1.61. This update brings a range of improvements, bug fixes, and enhancements to enhance the gaming experience. Players on all platforms can now download the update, which addresses known issues and introduces new features. The update’s file size may vary depending on the platform, ensuring a smooth download process. For more details, ceck out the comprehensive Patch Notes.


  • New DLC character – Battle Mage has been added.
  • New Stage ‘Meister’s Laboratory’ and new BGM ‘Flame for Freedom’ have been added.
  •  Crossplay is available on Steam version and Epic Games Store version.

(The rankings for the Steam version and the Epic Games Store version are separate.)

 Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the bug in which, when Ranger’s Sudden Death (Clear Cube effect) is activated and Ranger uses a skill that increases his attack, the attack increase effect would not disappear until the Sudden Death effect ends.
  • Fixed the bug in which a projectile was not being properly nullified in certain situations.
  • Fixed the bug in which the distance between the player and the opponent would increase intermittently after the opponent used a grab at the edge of the screen.
  • Fixed the following bugs that occured to the character under Doll Hit status by MP skill of Enchantress.
  • The bug where damage motion is not appeared when the attack is hit in a certain timing.
  • When the Doll Hit status is released, the invincibility frames for grab are not applied correctly.
  • Fixed the following issues that occured when the effect of Grace of Remidios expired
  • The issue where in certain situations, the effect would either end with a different timing or return to the normal state without displaying the ending motion
  • The issue in which counter hits were not applied when attacked during the ending motion


  • Added missing Awakening Skill voices for Spectre and Brawler in the Sound Gallery.


  • Minor text corrections were made.
  • (Steam and PlayStation) Excluded the purchase of DLC character voices from the requirements for acquiring ‘Gallerist’ for Steam Achievements/PlayStation Trophies.

Source: DNF Duel