Ark Survival Ascended Update 1.032.016 – December 11, 2023

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Bognor News is pleased to announce the release of the highly anticipated update for Ark Survival Ascended, marked as version Update 1.032.016. This comprehensive update introduces a host of Game improvements, Bug Fixes, and general enhancements to elevate the overall gaming experience. Players across all platforms can now access and download the update, embracing a multitude of adjustments designed to enrich gameplay dynamics. As the gaming community eagerly awaits the latest advancements, the update not only addresses known issues but also implements key features that enhance the immersive nature of the game. The file size for this update may vary based on the platform, ensuring a tailored and efficient download process for each gaming system. Stay informed and delve into the specifics of this significant update by exploring the comprehensive Patch Notes provided below.

ARK Survival Ascended Update 1.032.016: Detailed Patch Notes

Turkey Trial is Live

  • The Turkey Trial event is now live in the game, allowing players to participate in special event-specific activities and challenges.

Recipe Changes

  • Event-specific recipes that were previously found in the Cooking Pot can now be accessed at the Smithy, making it more convenient for players to craft these special items.

Tek Forcefield Fixes

  • Various issues with the Tek Forcefield have been addressed and fixed, ensuring that it works as intended. Players should no longer experience any bugs or glitches related to this structure.

Building Fixes

  • Players can now successfully place doors in doorways when building in open Vacuum Compartments, eliminating a previous issue that prevented door placement in these areas.
  • The fuel consumption rates for Tek Forcefields have been fixed, ensuring that they consume fuel at the correct rate.

Dinosaur Fixes

  • An issue causing some dinos’ attacks to appear jittery on servers has been resolved, improving the visual experience for players.
  • Unconscious players will no longer sink through ceilings and floors, eliminating a visual bug that affected gameplay immersion.
  • The spawn locations of poop and babies for Wooly Rhinos have been adjusted so that they now appear outside of the Rhino, improving realism and gameplay mechanics.

Bug Fixes

  • The death marker will now properly appear for players who died while logged off, providing them with a visual reference to locate their corpse and belongings.
  • Aquatic-only dinos will no longer be teleported by bosses using the Tek Transmitter, ensuring that these creatures remain in their intended habitats.
  • Thylacoleo, a specific dinosaur, will now consistently jump from trees as intended, improving its AI behavior and making it more reliable in gameplay situations.
  • Players will now be able to dismount with the E key even after being hit with a Crowd Control buff, allowing for smoother dismounting actions.
  • Baby Basilosaurus will no longer generate oil, making it easier for players to hand-feed these creatures.
  • Battle Tartare will now correctly increase Melee Damage, improving its effectiveness as a consumable item.
  • Arthropluera will no longer gain wild levels in Oxygen, as it does not utilize this stat. This fixes an inconsistency in the game’s mechanics.
  • Various issues with the Tek Chest not working correctly on servers under stress have been addressed and resolved, improving gameplay performance.
  • The altitude of players when hovering while using the Tek Chest will no longer drop, fixing a previous glitch that caused players to unexpectedly lower in the air.
  • The hunting and retrieve ability of Ichthyornis will now consistently work, allowing players to use this skill reliably during gameplay.
  • Crops grown in crop plots will no longer go invisible in Singleplayer after relogging, ensuring that players can always see and interact with their crops.
  • The Industrial Grinder will now properly sort its engrams like items, fixing a previous issue that caused incorrect sorting.
  • The Industrial Grinder now uses remote/wireless crafting, making it more efficient and user-friendly for players.

Turret Fixes

  • Turrets will now respect the count of turrets in range, regardless of tribe affiliation, ensuring that their functionality remains consistent and balanced.

Graphics and Visual Fixes

  • The resolution scale setting will now properly save, preventing players from having to adjust it every time they launch the game.
  • Plant Species X will now consistently grow correctly on rafts when the server restarts, avoiding any visual inconsistencies.
  • Basilosaurus attacks will now properly register when the server is under stress, eliminating a previous issue that affected their combat abilities.
  • Players will no longer get pushed underneath the raft when dismounting it, fixing a glitch that affected gameplay mechanics.
  • Elevator platforms will no longer sink under the mesh or structures and get stuck, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted transportation for players.
  • Several fuel-consuming structures will no longer stop consuming fuel after a server restart, fixing a previous bug that caused these structures to halt their functionality.
  • Flyer landing jitter has been fixed, improving the overall stability and smoothness of gameplay animations.
  • Grass will no longer stick through player ceiling structures, providing a cleaner and more visually pleasing environment.
  • Short player characters will no longer float when driving rafts, improving the overall visual experience.

User Interface Fixes

  • A better indicator for placing secret doors has been added to avoid accidental building with them, ensuring that players can use these doors effectively.
  • Rhyniognatha will no longer pick up enemy creatures on PVE with AllowFlyerCarryPvE=True, fixing a previous glitch that affected gameplay balance.
  • Procoptodon will no longer get stuck on babies removed from its pouch, ensuring smoother gameplay mechanics for this creature.
  • Eggs will no longer sink into floors upon server restart, fixing a bug that affected the placement and stability of these objects.
  • Rafts will no longer rubberband when a dino is in close proximity to the driver, improving the overall movement and stability of these structures.

Building Fixes

  • Players will no longer be able to place doors that clip into the terrain, fixing a glitch that affected the stability and functionality of buildings.
  • Color placement for large walls has been fixed, ensuring that colors are applied correctly.
  • Walls can now be placed on the sides of foundations, providing more flexibility in building structures.
  • Pillars can now be placed on fence supports, improving the stability and versatility of building designs.

Harvesting Fixes

  • Therizino and Raptor will now be able to harvest small dinos, improving their efficiency in gathering resources.

Gameplay Balancing

  • Tusoteuthis will no longer be able to instantly delete players and dinos through the world barrier, fixing a gameplay imbalance.
  • A camera issue related to relogging on a bed on a server has been fixed, ensuring smooth transitions and visual stability.

Item Fixes

  • Using “Transfer All” on a Tek Dedicated Storage will now disregard player weight capacity, making it easier and more efficient to transfer items.
  • Inconsistencies with harvesting tiny creatures have been fixed, ensuring that players receive the correct amount of resources.
  • Pelagornis will now properly receive its 80% weight reduction to organic polymer, improving gameplay mechanics and resource management.
  • Player stamina will no longer drain when riding a dino underwater, fixing a previous glitch that affected gameplay balance.
  • Large dinos can no longer be teleported with the Small Tek Teleporter, fixing a bug that allowed players to bypass normal teleportation restrictions.
  • Tek Teleporter will no longer receive an inventory rank from Tribe placement settings, ensuring that its functionality remains consistent.

Industrial Cooking Pot Fixes

  • The maximum water amount of the Industrial Cooking Pot has been increased to 10,000, allowing for a higher craftable quantity of items (now capped at 100).
  • The Industrial Cooking Pot and Cooking Pot now have an option to set a specific item class to auto-craft when auto crafting is enabled, making it easier for players to manage and automate their cooking processes.

Fuel Consumption Rates in Single Player

  • The default fuel consumption rates in Single Player have been adjusted to provide a more balanced and user-friendly experience. The Easy difficulty setting now has a fuel consumption rate of 0.25, the Medium difficulty setting has a rate of 0.5, and the Hard difficulty setting remains at 1.0.

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