A Guide on How to Acquire Holiday Gifts in Fortnite


Fortnite Winterfest has arrived with its own set of exciting items and themed cosmetics, much like the Fortnitemares event. During Winterfest, players can engage with seasonal non-playable characters (NPCs) and enjoy exclusive time-limited items and weapons, such as the Sneaky Snowmando and the Grenade Launcher. Among the many delights of this event, players also have the opportunity to open various presents. This guide aims to help players find and open Holiday Presents in Fortnite, maximizing their chances of obtaining exceptional loot.

Finding Holiday Present Items

Within the Battle Royale map, players can find two types of presents during the Winterfest event: Presents and Holiday Presents. While Presents can only be obtained from specific locations, Holiday Presents can be found throughout the entire Fortnite island. These Holiday Presents are of Legendary rarity and can be discovered in chests or as regular floor loot. However, it is important to note that their spawn locations are randomized at the beginning of each match, making it impossible to guarantee their discovery.

Opening a Holiday Present requires players to throw it onto the ground. Once thrown, it will generate a giant present box. To access its contents, players must break the walls of the present box using their harvesting tool. Alternatively, if players throw the Holiday Present at their feet, they will find themselves inside the box. Apart from offering cover, this can also serve as a clever strategy for ambushing unsuspecting enemy players. Each Holiday Present always contains an Epic rarity weapon, an item, and some gold bars, making it a highly desirable loot source.

Present Locations

While Holiday Presents can appear anywhere on the Fortnite map, Presents are exclusively found in specific locations. Similar to Holiday Presents and Rare Chests, Presents hold valuable loot, including an Epic rarity weapon, ammo, and gold bars. Although players must visit distinct locations to obtain Presents, the advantage lies in the reliable guarantee of finding them, unlike the chance-based nature of Holiday Presents.

There are five key locations on the Fortnite map where players can discover Presents: Hazy Hillside, Ritzy Riviera, Grand Glacier, Classy Courts, and a small island located northwest of Classy Courts. These locations boast holiday trees, adorned with presents that glow, signifying they can be opened. Not only can players obtain impressive loot from Presents, but the festive atmosphere adds an extra layer of excitement to the experience.

Fortnite Winterfest provides players with a unique opportunity to engage with holiday-themed content, including a variety of items and cosmetics. Among these offerings, Holiday Presents are highly sought after due to their potential to provide legendary loot. While Presents can be found reliably at specific locations, Holiday Presents offer a more unpredictable chance to obtain excellent loot scattered throughout the entire Fortnite island. By following this guide, players can increase their chances of receiving exclusive items and engaging in satisfying battles with top-tier weaponry. So, gather your supplies, explore the Battle Royale island, and may you be fortunate enough to discover and open these coveted Holiday Presents!