It’s all going swimmingly! Splashing times as dogs take a dip for fun and therapy

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Doggie paddle is the order of the day at a burgeoning Bognor Regis business catering for the demands of pooches who love a swim!

Dog owners and their pets are flocking to Splash Hounds to let their loveable mutts enjoy a dip in a fully heated pool and enjoy the many benefits of having a swim.

Not only is it splashing good fun and fitness enhancing for your canine friends, it also offers many other beneficial qualities from the hydrotherapy aspects available, including arthritis problems. A half-hour swimming session is perfect for hounds recovering from an injury or surgery, or who needs to lose weight. It can also help to improve conditions such as arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, ligament damage and muscle strain.

Joint owner Kelly, who runs the business with partner Liam, explains: “There are loads of benefits to your dog having a dip, but above all it it really lots and lots of fun.

“We’re delighted with how popular Splash Hounds has become and every day is fun-filled and also heartening as we see dogs making health improvements thanks to the therapy involved.

“Therapeutic exercise carried out in warm water gives increased circulation to muscles, increased joint flexibility and reduced joint pain.

Hydrotherapy is used as a non weight bearing exercise for your dog to help recovery from surgery or injury, or to improve conditions such as arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, ligament damage and muscle strain. It can also be used to strengthen muscles and improve fitness levels.

“Hydrotherapy uses the properties of water to enable a dog to move joints. Water makes the body buoyant, so when submerged, the weight of the body is supported. This means the dog is not fighting gravity. The buoyancy of water reduces stress on the joints and this creates a much safer environment all round.”

Of course, you might like to visit (they have wheelchair access) simply to give your faithful friend some exercise. A five minute swim is the equivalent to a 20 minute walk, so a 30 minute swim session at Splash Hounds is same as a two hour walk. And with all-round access of the pool you too can enjoy all the fun with your pooch!

And the prices are reasonable, too. The cost is just £10 per dog for a 30 minute swim, with 20 per cent off each dog after the first (per owner).

Kelly adds: “Safety is paramount here and we can use long leads and life jackets for the doggies who arent used to water!”

Call 01243 210244 – or – email
to find out more about opening times, prices and to make an appointment.

Splash Hounds: Manor Farm, Shripney Lane, Bognor Regis PO22 9UR

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